Shiokawa tidalflat Preservation Association


Shiokawa tidalflat is located in about central JAPAN. More than 50,000 wildfowls and more than 3,000 waders are wintering. And many spieces of waders visit in their migration. This area is one of the most important wetland for migratory birds in JAPAN.


(1)Birds count
We count birds Shiokawa tidalflat every month from 1974 constantly. So we have accumulated datas about 251 spiecies had recorded before.
(2)Populalization of the importance
We have bird-watching-meetings for citizens to recognize the excellence of local nature "Shiokawa tidalflat" and to realize the importance.
(3)Proposal for preservation
We propose to goverment(including local communities) to make Shiokawa tidalflat for national birds protection area.

We hope to Shiokawa tidalflat be registered Ramsar Convention Treaty.


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