30th Apr.2000 Isabelline Wheatear came out!

It is very rare bird in Japan.In Fukuzumi rice field we found one Isabelline Wheatear. It is adult and male.

11st Oct.1999 Spoonbilled Sandpiper came out!:photo by Kakumura

Recently it is very rare shoerbird.In Shiokawa tidalflat, Kamitagawa mouth river we found one Spoon-billed Sandpiper. It is juvenile.

21st Apr.1999 Little Curlew came out!:photo by Kakumura

Little Curlew is unusual bird in Japan. Every year we recorded about 10-20 ,but this spring about 200 more.Especially they came out in Kagoshima pref. and Saga pref. , Kyushu Island.

In Shiokawa tidalflat we found one Little Clew at Suziyama-shinden. Next, we found anther one at 24th Apr in Toshima-shinden. And in the same place we did four at 27th Apr.

30th Nov.1997 "Falco peregrinus pealei"? :photo by Kakumura

We found "strange Peregrin Falcon" at Toshima-shinden. We seemed this bird is more blachish than F.p.japonensis[Hayabusa]. We think it may be Falco peregrinus pealei[Oohayabusa]. But we have few information about F.p.pealei. Would you teach us about it?

26th Apr.1997"Pectral Sandpiper[Amerika Uzurashigi]"came out!

It is rare. In Shiokawa tidalflat it was observed only two times, at 12th Sep.1988 and 14th Sep.1986. It is usually recorded at Autumn and "juvenile". So we have no chance to see"adult". It was pleased us that it was adult winter plumage.

2ed Apr.1997 "Silky Staring[Gin Mukudori]" came out!

It is very rare bird in Japan. It usually is observed in Sakishima-Islands (Okinawa Prefecture),like Yonaguni-Shima, Iriomote-Shima and Ishigaki-shima near Taiwan .

20th Mar.1997"Roughregged Buzzard[Keashi Nosuri]"came out!

It is rare bird in Japan. PHOTO
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