Club MID

Club MID is an application for the Macintosh which allows you to play standard MIDI files. One window holds one standard MIDI file, and displays it's current tempo, System Exclusive status, Control Change status and Voice Name, Panpot, Pitch Bend, Level for each MIDI channel. List window can have up to 32640 MIDI files to be played back sequentially, or random order. This application is best for those who wants to be with music all the time.
Feature :
Fat Binary.
Macintosh Drag and Drop aware.
GM, GS, XG format compatible.
Requirement :
Macintosh with 68020 or higher/PowerPC
System7 + QuickTime or System7.1 or later
Apple MIDI Manager or OMS (Open Music System)
MIDI tone generator or QuickTime Musical Instruments
Latest version : 1.1.6
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