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xhime - Resident Himechan for X Window System -

Xhime jumping in my display ... Please see right bottom cornner.
xhime jumpping in my display

Original "Resident Himechan; rhime.exe for PC-9801" is written by MSP-Iris and Maruchi. "Xhime for X Window System" is written by Shochan.

Another Platforms:

Title        : xhime version 1.51 - Himechan for X Window System
             : (including rh110.xhm - animation data for xhime)
Author       : Shoichi-NAKAYAMA (shochan @
Original     : "Resident Himechan Ver1.10 for PC98" by MSP-Iris & Maruchi
Requirement  : X Window System
             : This software has been tested in the following platforms:
             :  FM-TOWNS II UG  Linux 1.2.0 / X11R6(XFree86)
             :  Sun3, Sun4      SunOS 4.1.2 / X11R5
             :  Sun4            SunOS 5.x (Solaris 2.x) / X11R5
             :  HP-9000         HP-UX 9.04 / X11R5
URL          :
Distribution : Only if it is not sold for profit. (see: COPYRIGHT NOTICE)
# $Header: /home/naka/xhime/xhime1.51/RCS/xhime.doc,v 1.11 1998/09/08 16:09:40 naka Exp $


Xhime displays animation in X window system. xhime changes its animation when the user-defined special key is pressed. The default special key is Return.


    Imakefile       Imakefile for imake
    Makefile.std    Makefile templete
    rh110-doc.euc   "Resident Himechan" document (Japanese, euc-kanji)
    rh110.xhm       animation data of "Resident Himechan"
    xhime-doc.euc   document        (Japanese, euc-kanji)
    xhime-hed.euc   brief readme    (Japanese, euc-kanji)
    xhime-man.euc   manual page     (Japanese, euc-kanji)
    xhime.c         c program
    xhime.doc       this document
    xhime.hed       brief readme       manual page


If you have imake on your system, first run
which Will generate a Makefile from the Imakefile. Then type
If this doesn't work, you can copy Makefile.std to Makefile. Edit the Makefile and specify where the X11 includes, X11 libraries, X11 binaries, and X11 manualpages are on your particular machine. Then type
If make goes through, run 'make install' to install xhime. To install manual pages, run 'make'


      SHAPE         : Use shape extension.
      XSYSV_SIG     : System V signal() (e.g. IRIX, SunOS 5.x, Linux etc)
      NO_SIGACTION  : Don't use sigaction().
      XHIMEDAT_PATH : *.xhm data path (e.g. /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xhime )


        xhime [<options>] [<filename.xhm>]
<filename.xhm> specifies the animation data. The default is ``rh110.xhm (Resident Himechan; IkeIke gogo jump!)''. If - is specified as the filename, standard input will be used.
     options are:
        -help              Print usage message and exit
        -display <host:n>  Specify the host and display number
        -geometry <+X+Y>   Specify the geometry
        -key <keyname>     Specify the keysym of the special key
        -nokey             Don't check for the special key
        -noshape           Don't use shape extension
        -bg <color>        Specify the background color
        [-N | -B | -D]     Draw in normal, brighter, or darker colors
        -<state>           Specify the action state
        -use_wm            Use window manager
        -audio <audiofile> Specify audio file
         [-audev <dev>|-aucmd <cmd>]
                            Specify audio device or command
         -showaudio         the same as ``-aucmd showaudio''
        -biff              Enable biff feature
         -file <mailfile>   Specify the mail file
         -update <sec>      Specify the mail polling interval
         -nobell            Don't ring the bell when mails arrive
You can drag the window by pressing the left mouse button. Clicking the center button raises the window. Clicking the right button terminates xhime.


`Shochan' Shoichi-NAKAYAMA (shochan#64;
Special thanks to:
MSP-Iris, Maruchi, Malor, Sio, Jason Chien-hung Chen, HR-CDROM HomeParty(NIFTY-Serve) and Himechan-ML.


Copyright (C) 1994-1996,1998 `Shochan' Shoichi-NAKAYAMA

Copyright (C) 1994 MSP-Iris(ORIGINAL:`rhime.exe for PC98')

Permission is granted to any individual(esp. Himechan fan :-) to use, copy, or redistribute this software so long as all of the original files are included unmodified, that it is not sold for profit, and that this copyright notice is retained.

The author assumes no responsibility for damages as a consequence of use of this software.

Downloading Archive

Source Archive

xhime151.tgz(31,601 bytes)
[MD5: 8bf4e661ff7797daeee5629563fbbcc3]
Please see "INSTALLATION".

Binary Package for Slackware Linux distribution

xhime151-linux-bin.tgz(30,520 bytes): Slackware (Linux 2.0.30, i386, libc 5.3.12, ELF)
[MD5: 57a835c4ea8a5e11e919d17017f16d10]
bash# whoami
bash# cd /var/tmp;
bash# ls xhime151-linux-bin.tgz
bash# /sbin/pkgtool
Select the "Current: Install packages from the current directory".

Binary Package for Red Hat Linux

JRPM (non-commercial-use-only) 'JRPM60': xhime-1.51-2JRPM60.i386 RPM
xhime-1.51-2JRPM60.i386.rpm(34,946 bytes) Red Hat 6.0 (i386, glibc 2.x, ELF)
bash# whoami
bash# cd /var/tmp;
bash# ls xhime-1.51-2JRPM60.i386.rpm
bash# rpm --install xhime-1.51-2JRPM60.i386.rpm

FreeBSD Packages

FreeBSD 2.2-stable Packages: Games / xhime-1.51 FreeBSD package: xhime-1.51.tgz (34,540 bytes) Maintained by: flathill#64;

FreeBSD Ports

FreeBSD Ports: Games / xhime-1.51 FreeBSD port: xhime.tar (9,728 bytes) Maintained by: flathill#64;
Downloading the xhime-1.51 FreeBSD port(xhime.tar), unpacking it and typing 'make' in the port directory. If make goes through, type 'make install' to install xhime.

How to Download *.tgz files

If you use Netscape Navigator, You can download by clicking the left mouse button + [Shift] key.

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