Chronology of Preservation Activities of Imou Bog

 In the last years of the Pacific War, the army selected the area around Imou Bog as secret stations for storing fuel of great importance, making use of its geographical advantage.
 About 400 drum cans of fuel for tanks owned by the Eighth Brigade of Alert Units of Tanks were hidden in the storing trenches dug separately not to be discovered by enemy planes.
 Still now there are many remains of trenches scattered in the woods around Imou Bog.
 In those days of war, the bog area was a secret station warned off to the public. For a long time after the end of war, Imou Bog was not known to the general public.

 The late Mr Tsunekawa Toshio, a student of plants in Toyohashi City, found Mikawa Baikeiso here , alpine and rarely found in this area.
 He researched the whole area of Imou. He found out that Imou Bog is a treasure house of precious natural environment and groups of plants.
 In the same year Mr Tsunekawa took the late Mr. Nozawa Tozaburo, vice president of Toyohashi Cultural Association at that time, to Imou Bog.
 Mr. Nozawa realized the importance of careful preservation of this area.
 After failing in persuading Toyohashi City to purchase the land around Imou Bog for preservation, Mr. Nozawa himself purchased private part of Imou Bog for sale at that time.

 Toyohashi Young Men's Assembly donated ties for footpaths in Imou to protect it from being trampled down. Mr.Tsunekawa asked Toyohashi Alpinist Club for help with protection of the bog.
 Mr. Natsume, president of the Alpinist Club of Toyohashi, and four other people worked for completion of first footpaths on the ties.(1967/7/23)

 The student assembly of Toyooka Junior High School, which is near Imou marshland, voluntarily started their actions for preservation and cleaning of Imou Bog.

 Toyohashi City petitioned to the authorities concerned of Aichi Prefecture as to making Imou Marshland public property and its preservation.
 (An explanation board, a directional board and a set of table and bench were provided by Toyohashi City)

【1976/4/27 】
 Toyohashi City entrusted the preservation patrols around the area to Toyohashi Natural Footways Promoting Council. Patrolling is still made more than 20 days a month.

 Protective fences were set for conservation of the plants in the bog by Aichi Prefecture.

 A public parking lot was prepared for the visitors of the bog by the city.

 The area was designated as natural asset of Toyohashi City.

 The footpaths of ties were entirely removed. Work for making new footways started. (Completed in March, 1992)

 Imou Bog was redesignated as prefectural natural asset from the former city asset.

 Another public parking lot was made for the visitors of the bog.