long long time ago...
My name is SUZUKI, I had HONDA motorcycle, I was born in the city next to KAWASAKI, and I'm working at YAMAHA.
Isn't it fun?

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Digital Photo Gallery
Setsu Diary (in Japanese)

My Applications for Macintosh

DX7 Librarian for OS X DX7 Librarian
JUNO Librarian K1 Librarian
4OP Librarian MIDI Pack'en
SendIt Velocity
QT Pad Club MID
Refill Maker Pocket Album
Kana to Kana Light Speed ZIP
MIDI Warehouse Sound Warehouse

Dave Benson's Music Links...
Opcode Systems Home Page

MIDI Sequencer software (Shareware) for Mac by Mr.TONTATA

MIDIGraphy 1.4.3 MG Profile Compiler 1.3.7
MIDIGraphy Manual Pack (HTML)

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