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room 0: Himechan and Erika

``Himechan, Erika and Himekochan''version 1.01b (15, May 1998):
(16colors, 640x400dots)
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(S_KSHIMB.LZH) [KISS ver 2.24c format]
This document is written in English.
[WWW Version]

``Hime-chan, Erika and Himeko-chan''

                                          Author: Shochan-Nakayama

                                          version 1.01b  15,May 1998
                                                 (1.01a  1, Aug 1994)
                                                 (1.01   12,Jun 1994)
                                                 (1.0    1, Jun 1994)
                                                 (0.9    18,Apr 1994)


Copyright(C) 1994-1998 Shochan-Nakayama.
'Hime-chan no Ribbon'; shoujo-manga: Original works by Megumi Mizusawa.

Permission is granted to any individual to use, copy, or redistribute this software so long as all of the original files are included unmodified, that it is not sold for profit, and that this copyright notice is retained.

The author assumes no responsibility for damages as a consequence of use of this software.

If you want to put on other ftp/www site, please e-mail to me. shochan#64;


This software is a `Hime-chan no Ribbon' KISS-data.
Hime-chan no Ribbon is a shoujo-manga/anime about a 13 years old girl, called Hime-chan. The manga is written by Megumi Mizusawa.

I like Hime-chan and Mizusawa's manga :-)
This KISS-data was drawn by my mouse, and initial released on 1994. very very old ^^; ... I hope you enjoy the this KISS-data.

Including Characters:

Heroine of `Hime-chan no Ribbon'. she has short hair.
Magical Princess. she has long wave hair.
Copy of Hime-chan, effect by magical pallette.

Including Costumes:

Sister of Hime-chan. she has straight blue hair.
Friend of Hime-chan. she has brown hair.
3 years later Hime-chan:
she has (semi)long straight hair.
Magical princess Chacha's costume, swimming wears,... etc.

What's KISS? :

KISS(KIsekae Set System) is a `changing clothes' simulator on the PC. If you play this KISS-data, You must use the KISS-driver for your system(e.g. Windows) ;-)

You can get KISS-driver (for Windows95, DOS, etc) in the World Kiss Project Web Page:

Author's Enviroment:

Hime-chan no Ribon Sound Track VICL-371
Hime-chan no Ribon Sound Track II VICL-408
Sorairo no Melody(Melody of skyblue) WPCL-651
My Best Friends ... Hiroko Kasahara WPCL-239,WPCL-240
Sharp X68000 EXPERT[HD] 2+2M bytes
(MC68000 based Personal Computer in Japan)
XPST Version 1.27
Kiss Ver 2.24c & SVCEL for X68000 (KISS68D)
... good music, good PC, good softwares. ^^

Update Logs:

15, May 1998:
[WWW version] Fixed bug.
Added ponytail hair, etc.
1, Aug 1994:
Added 1.01 patch.
12,Jun 1994:
S_KSHIM1.LZH 1.01 (patch file)
Fixed bug 'SIMA_MIZ_.CEL' (long filename).
Added Magical Princess costume.
1, Jun 1994:
Initial release, Fixed aspect ratio to 1.0.
Added Aiko, Manami and 3 years later Hime-chan.
18,Apr 1994:
Internal version, aspect ratio is not 1.0(;_;).

Please, tell me your comments of this KISS-data.
Shochan-Nakayma e-mail:
thank you.

Downloading Archive

This kiss-data is [KISS 2.24c format]. If you play the kiss-data, You must use the kiss-driver(kiss viwer) for your system(e.g. Windows). You can get KISS-driver (for Windows95, DOS, etc) in the World Kiss Project, The World French Kiss.
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