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Picture of the history of technology

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Industrial Heritage of in Central Japan

Industrial Heritage, Industrial Archaeology

Welcome Greeting By Kotaro TANAKA, President of the Chubu Society for the Industrial Heritage
TICCIH2005 Nagoya/Aich Congress Schedule (Excel file) & Tour Schedule
TICCIH2005 Nagoya/Aich Programme & Registration
TICCIH2005_Nagoya/Aichi_JAPAN & International Forum for Industrial Tourism
July 6. 2005 - July 9. 2005
The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage
Eiglish Guideversion "Rediscoverring the Art of Manufacturing" (English)
The Chubu Society For The Industrial Heritage
CSIH HP(japanese) Admission guidance(japanese)
History of CSIH(japanese) Society Agreement(japanese)
The Industrial Heritage of Central Japan (Now all japanese site)
Close Up ! Industrial Heritage
Let's visit the Industrial Heritages of Aichi
Industrial Heritage of a home area
Industrial Heritage of in Aichi prefecture
Industrial Heritage of in Gifu prefecture
Links (Now all japanese site)
TICCIH Japan Industial Archaeology Society JIAS The Database of industrial heritages in Japan  Navigater of Industrial Heritage
  The Gifu Society for the Industrial Heritage Industrial Heritage's Digitalguide in Gifu prefecture The Japnese Mines
  Museum lists of Industry Blacksmith in Japan

History of Technology & Industory, Museum of Science & Industry

Deutsches Museum and the educational activity  (Japanese)
Museum and Technical Education Britain and Germany  (Japanese)  New Museums in Germany  (Japanese)
Museum of Science & Industry  (Japanese)
Museum of Science & Industry in GB and Education

Stirling Engine

Outline of the Stirling Engine
History of Stirling Engine  (Japanese)
Operation principle and types of the Stirling Engine
Stirling Engine for the Education

Automata & Shinansha

 Shinansha ( auf Deutsch )
The South Point Chariot  (Japanese)
The float"the South Point Chariot SHINANSHA"of the Takayama festival is built. (Japanese)
The design of the clock tower with the automata and it were built. (Japanese)
The 50th anniversaryof our Toyohashi Technical Highschool

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